View Full Version : 2009 - 2011 Ford Escape XLT 6 cyl. Any info ??

08-22-12, 08:58 PM
My stepdaughter (North Florida) is in the market for a replacement to her 13 year old run-out 2-door Explorer. Anyone have any hands-on experience with the Escape series ?

08-22-12, 09:05 PM
I know they're EVERYWHERE like cockroaches, so they've got to have something good going on for them... :lol:

08-22-12, 09:17 PM
My gf's parents just bought one last year. It replaced a Pontiac Grand Am.

Theirs is a 4WD, XLT trim.

For the most part, it's the same drivetrain as in some of the older FWD cars. It's the 3.0 Duratec and a 6 speed trans. The 3.0 is like the Northstar was in the 2000+ Cadillacs - it was a great engine when it was introduced, but it was in service far too long without significant updates. Power is still significantly behind the competition, yet the fuel mileage is merely mediocre (RAV4 has 30 more horses and still gets better economy). But, at any rate, it does accelerate decently and isn't exactly a gas guzzler. The 6 speed is one of the better transmissions that I've seen from Ford. The shifts are crisp (a complete 180 from previous but recent Ford factory transmissions) and timed well. However, the shifts are a little harsh - this is their only complaint about the vehicle. They actually took it in shortly after purchase to make sure everything checked out. The dealer told them that it's normal for them to shift firmly for the first few thousand miles, and that it would smooth out later on. It indeed has smoothed out significantly since then, but still not what I would expect from a new modern vehicle.

That said, while I really don't care for the drivetrain, the chassis, body, and interior are great. It drives and rides like a midsized car. It's quite spacious and relatively comfortable. Ergonomics are great - everything seems natural to me. It all looks, feels, and sounds tightly screwed together. On top of that, I also think it's sharp looking, for it's class.

I can't speak for reliability - they've only had it for one year and 10k miles. 2009 models are only 3 years old - I wouldn't expect any significant reliability complaints from anyone else either, not yet anyway.

Without getting into any further detail or making this any longer, I think it's a pretty nice vehicle. At the prices they go for, it's a pretty good value as well. My only real complaint is that the drivetrain isn't nearly as refined as the competition, but it does get the job done just fine.

cadillac kevin
08-22-12, 09:41 PM
I had one as a loaner when my safari was at the body shop for a couple weeks. IIRC it was a 2011 model with AWD. I don't recall if it was the 4 or 6 cylinder. I think it was the xlt (had leather seats, 2 way sunroof, alloys, heated seats, sync)
Pros: got good mileage and didn't feel down on power. It handled ok, but the tires sucked. It looks pretty nice (both exterior and interior), and the interior was very well put together. Climate control was very effective, if a bit loud at higher fan speeds. Heated seats were a welcome addition in the winter. Mood lighting was novel, if essentially useless.
Cons: engine would cut out for a second if it thought you gave it too much gas (apparently a safety feature). Seats were hard as rocks and hurt my back on longer trips. Tires were prone to squealing and chirping. Factory sound system was not to my liking sound wise. Too many buttons for the radio and climate controls.