: my return,enter 1994 cadillac STS (callista II)

the little STS
12-09-04, 06:52 PM
oh yes u heard rite the 17 year old cadillac driving maniac is back!!!

with a black 1994 cadillac STS
i couldnt just leave you guys

if u remeber me talk to me please

i plan to turbo my project STS
and other goodies
its good to be back!

12-10-04, 01:16 PM
So what does the callista II mean....????

Odd coincidence that you put that in your post as the Allante was developed for several years under the engineering code name "callisto" which was supposed to be its name until it was changed to "Allante"..... little known tidbit of information... LOL

El Dobro
12-10-04, 01:23 PM
Maybe they should have gone with fiasco?

12-10-04, 01:34 PM
Maybe they should have gone with fiasco?


They really are pretty nice cars. I feel their poor reputation is really undeserved. The only real "fiasco" was the fact that Cadillac (in their wildest marketing dreams) told everyone that they could sell 15,000 Allantes per year and it was then deemed a "failure" when only 3000-4000 were sold per year. Fact is that Merc was not selling 4000 SL's per year at the time so I don't know where the marketing whizzes of the day were thinking all those sales were going to materialize from. The fact that Cadillac carved out 4000 Allante sales from Merc should have been considered somewhat of a success rather than a failure. The total market for a luxury two seater is only so big.....

The real design or design intent "fiasco" was the elimination of the power folding convertable top. The manual top was somewhat daunting to operate and IMMEDIATELY took the Allante off the list of most any female that might have wanted one....and one does see a LOT of females driving SL Mercedes around..... The marketing geniuses indicated a power top was not required as it did not have enough "value" ..... but who wanted a luxury two seater convertible without a power top. They eliminated more than half their prospective market immediately by not requiring the powered top.

El Dobro
12-10-04, 02:01 PM
Don't forget bbob, I owned a 93 Fiasco for quite some time. I wish the drivetrain in that car was in my 98 Seville. It never gave me one bit of problem, which I can't say about the 98.

12-10-04, 03:01 PM
Yea, I know, just can't help getting a little defensive when someone makes snide comments about an Allante....LOL.