View Full Version : "Service vehicle soon"

08-22-12, 02:40 PM
I accidentally drained the battery in my STS over the weekend, it went completely dead not even the interior lights would come on. The vehicle sat like this until today, when I was able to jump start it. Everything seems fine now... except that when I start the vehicle, it keeps saying "Service vehicle soon". Its not the oil change light, no check engine light, I cant really see anything wrong with the vehicle at all other than it telling me to service it soon. This message has never appeared prior to today.

Any idea what might cause this?

08-22-12, 02:47 PM
Something has set a monitored code, either performance or emissions-wise. You will need to have the car's Trouble Code system scanned by either a GM dealer, a local Mom&Pop shop, or maybe a large chain parts store.

What year, model, mileage ?? Update your profile. It makes a difference...........

08-22-12, 09:06 PM

With a good charge and a code reset you may be OK. However, a complete discharge is very hard on a battery. It's not very easy to do. The car automatically shuts off accessories after 20 minutes. Could that be what happened?

If you start seeing odd issues, replace the battery.

Good luck!