: Leasing a New Sedan - Help!

08-21-12, 11:42 PM
Hi guys,

Im trying to trade in a leased BMW 335i convertible (fully loaded) for a CTS-V Sedan. So far I have found two decent deals in around here (Iowa). Im willing to drive a couple hours though. Just want to get an opinion.
the three deals have not accounted for the negative trade equity (my lease still has 29 months left). I was quoted very high in Des Moines so I am checking in Omaha, MN and Kansas City.
(all these are without accounting for my trade in yet.)
deal 1 - (fully loaded black 2012 sticker 74k) - For a 24 or 27 month lease at 15,000 miles per year looking at $1,248 a month plus taxes. 39 month 15k miles/year $1,042 + taxes. - My Response to them: I can deal with 12 even 10k miles. Waiting to hear back on deal with trade in. I asked them to look at some incentives I have seen elsewhere.

deal 2 - (fully loaded white 2013 sticker 74k) - 24 MONTHS/10K MILES PER YEAR = 974.94 Per Month OR 39 MONTHS/10K MILES PER YEAR = $837.59 Per Month

deal 3 - (black 2012 68k sticker w only sunroof and polished wheels options) - 24 month would be $875 + Tax with $0.00 down OR 39 month 730 + Tax with $0.00 down. This is the best deal but my least preferred car because of no recaro seats option.

What do you guys think I should do in order to get a decent deal? I need them to come down a bit to accommodate for some of the negative equity. I know my payment will go up but if I get them to start around 7 or 8 hundred a month, then I can still be under by budget of 1200 a month for a 24 month lease.

My ideal car is black with all options. There is another one that is in town that they have installed the corsa exhaust and an intake. They offered really high (like 2000 a month because they wanted 20k negative equity on my trade in). They said they wanted to deal. It seems that car has been sitting in their showroom too long...

Sorry for the long thread but I need help figuring this out... THANKS!

08-22-12, 06:08 AM
Residual? Money factor/interest? Those numbers would help as much as the final payment amount.