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12-09-04, 03:13 AM
Hello folks
I had my 97 deville at the dealer last week for the fuel rail recall and some fluid changes. Also had the egr valve replaced. Ever since Ive gotten a p0300 misfire code and a blinking check engine light when on the throttle. When under the hood with the car running, I saw arcing inbetween the 2 points on the far left coil 7/8. Is this the coil failing or the plug wires??? Its obvious some thing was disturbed during the fuel rail replacement as these symptoms were not present beforehand. (only documented code was p0404 (egr was dead, couldnt even clean it) I was also wondering if this was safe to drive back to the dealer the way is is (about 15 miles). They are expecting the car back friday.
failing coil or wires???????
By the way they even snapped my cruise control cable during the fuel rail recall also, but at least they were up front about it and will replace friday also...
thanx folks, I have have learned so much her in just a month I actually feel comfortable popping the hood now LOL :worship:

12-09-04, 11:18 AM
Here we go again. This seems to be a reacurring problem after the rail replacement. Mine did the same thing (see "stutter, engine or trans"). I have heard many others have the same problem after the rail replacement. The left bank (front) cables need to be moved out of the way to replace the rail. That movement of aging wires seems to have a detrimental effect on them. It is possible that it is the coil but I'd put my money on the wires. You can drive it back to the dealer ok. In my case the miss was under light throttle. Either backing off or harder acceleration would run ok. BTW, the dealer will charge you about $185 for wires, plus labor.

12-09-04, 01:57 PM
cover both bases replace them both, it is not that expensive or dificult to do

12-09-04, 02:03 PM
you should really do it yourself...save a bunch of money...its incredibly easy, and even if you don't have the tools...Wally World tools would work, and still be much cheaper than a dealer swapping plugs and wires for you.

12-09-04, 09:53 PM
thanx again folks, I have to take it in tomorrow anyway so they can replace the cruise control line they snapped while doing the recall. If it is wires as everyone thinks the dealer will be replacing those also if they were damaged. I really love this car and have only had it a month, cant wait till its right again