: Fine tuning Radio Stations

08-17-12, 06:16 PM
What are the FM radio channels frequencies you have there in US?

Here in UAE, we get 104.1 and 104.4 (and many others) - basically combinations of odd and evens. I am not able to tune any channels ending with .2 / .4 / .6 / .8.

08-18-12, 08:13 AM
yeah in the US we are all 200 kilohertz apart and for some dumb reason they picked odds. We don't have evens. I'm pretty sure in my old V1 there was a setting that would allow you to change the frequency tuning so you could get odds. I don't know if we have that on the V2s. There may be something in the service menu but I'm not really sure. Sorry.

08-19-12, 01:13 PM
Thank Houdini - Atleast your reply clears my doubt and now i am sure that the issue is not with the radio of the vehicle, but thats how it was programmed, will try and work out and update for the same.

I think - Radio - Navigation - i need to update - if there is a way

The update should cancel out the XM Satellite radio - which we dont get here.