: Anyone running Bosch EV14 injectors in their 03-07 LY7?

08-16-12, 01:01 AM
I saw some flow matched 52# EV14's on the hfv6 forums that operate at 3bar rail pressure and have six ports that are being promoted for the LY7. I figure I have 100k miles on my engine, and might as well upgrade my injectors when I replace my spark plugs and install the Volant and Ice-lator and RX catch can. I think these upgrades with a good upper engine cleaning will really give my CTS a new lease on life. Anyone else replace their injectors with anything other than OEM? I havent gotten any answers on my other topic about this, so I will ask again here, has anyone ported/polished their gen1 LY7 heads? But yeah, the injectors are the main focus of this thread. Any help would be appreciated.

08-20-12, 10:58 PM
On Bosch Motorsports' website, they list a 237 g/min (350cc or 35#) dual spray injector, which is a little closer to the stockers (not double like the ones I stated earlier). The stock injectors are a pathetic 236cc, and are not even rated to the listed 250hp of the LY7 they are installed in. What have people been replacing their injectors with? Am I totally off track on what I am looking at? Any help would be useful, as I am planning on replacing my injectors when I replace my plugs (next month).

08-22-12, 05:43 PM
Well, I emailed fiveomotorsport about the use of the 35#/350cc EV14's in my LY7. Here is my email to them, and their reply:

ME: I am wanting to know how much a set of six flow-matched injectors for my car ('05 CTS 3.6L) will run me. From everything I have found, the stock injectors are pathetic, something like 236cc. I am not looking for anything extreme, as I am not doing any sort of forced induction. I have found some EV14's on Bosch Motorsports' website listed at 237 g/min, which (by my calculations), should be around 350cc, a reasonable step up from stock. They offer them with the 20* dual spray pattern, which should work great in my car (as it uses a dual spray injector). I believe their part number for it is: 0 280 158 116*, and I was wondering if this is a good injector for my car, and how much they would cost to get a flow-matched set (of six). You guys know a lot more about this than I do, and I cannot get any answers from the Cadillac fourm I am part of. Thank you for your time.

THEM: We do a lot of injector upgrades but for your stock CTS 3.6L I donít recommend changing fuel injectors unless you are doing a forced-air upgrade as well as an ECU remap. If you install the 350cc injectors you and your Caddy are in for a misadventure both of you donít want. Itís tempting. Donít do it.

So, it looks like I am sticking with stock injectors.