: 2008 STS fault codes

08-13-12, 03:27 PM
Cadillac STS 2008 V6 3.6, showing 'service theft system' warning but running ok.Then suddenly engine. not cranking . Cranking once in a 100 attempts but showing 'reduced engine power
Analysed on MDI COMPUTER , showing fault codes : U0100 , U2105 , U2106, U2120. Strange , because is virtually a brand new car , done 2,000 km only. It's a RHD CAR , bought from UK , AT ZERO KM IN 2010 .

08-14-12, 10:30 PM
Check your Battery and ground first tighten all connections

08-14-12, 10:34 PM
Check the hood latch then all battery connections and ground, those problems are electrical in nature.

08-15-12, 06:29 AM
Today the engine did crank but was facing the following problems.
1). Engine Check Light ( Engine Symbol ) steadily On .
2). Displays : Engine Power Reduced .
3). Displays : Service Theft System .
4). TC Light On.
5). RPM Not Going Beyond 1,500.
6). Burning Smell started within 3 to 4 mins , and
7). Battery Positive Cable became quite Hot.

Switched the engine off .

The car starts once in a few days like this .
Then car does not start again

08-15-12, 07:24 PM
Possible causes
A)Vehicle accident and grnds not reattached well.
B)Rodent ate through grnds.
Whatever it is fixit fast if not modules may go down as well.

08-15-12, 08:43 PM
I do remember some threads linking odd security system warnings to the hood-latch-sensor. Without a dealer, you've got a challenge.

Have you tried calling the International Cadillac number and explaining your problem of no qualified shop? They may have a relationship with a shop in a nearby city. You need someone with a TechII and a connection to GM's service network.

08-16-12, 07:32 AM
Thanks for your input.
I was also thinking along the rodent angle, because nothing can / should go wrong overnight , in a unused car like this .
Since it seems that the modules are not able to communicate with each other, some wires have been messed up .
Will get it checked by a mechanic , and revert to you .

08-16-12, 09:18 PM
Things can go wrong with a car that just sits. Driving a car regularly keeps the battery charged, the oil water-free and all flexible parts pliable.