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08-12-12, 07:28 AM
Have a Cadillac STS V6 3.6 2008 Right Hand Drive, in India .
Bought from Bauer Millet , Manchester , UK, in 2010 at zero km.
It's virtually brand new , having done 2,000 km Only
Car was showing " Service Theft System " for some time , but car was starting /
running fine . ( Battery being used was 45 amps. )
Did not use car for three days . Started on fourth day, it sputtered , turned it off .
Restarted , and drove it around the block , all ok .
But subsequently , it refused to crank , all accessories coming on but engine not
Cranking .
Tried second key fob also . Changed batteries on both key fobs also. All relays
n fuses ok . But no luck .
Next day tried bigger 85 amp battery , it started , not picking up rpm , engine
doing missing . Engine check light came on , showing some throttle / throttle
sensor codes on LAUNCH SCANNER . Turned engine off .
Subsequently car Did not crank again .
DIC showing Service Theft System all this while .
Reckon Theft System needs to be reset .
Can someone please help me How to go about , 'cos no Cadillac - Service Centre /
Engineers / Computers in this part of the world .
Wil be very , very thankful indeed .

08-12-12, 06:24 PM
Make sure the engine oil is full with the approved oil. GM's VVT engines rely on it for proper valve timing. I assume you haven't changed anything (plugs, filters, etc.) Use only OEM parts. Could you have bad gas?

A poor battery can cause all sorts of odd issues. The correct procedure for a complete system reset is:

1. Remove negative battery cable
2. Remove the positive cable
3. Touch the two cables together for a bit (3-5 seconds)
4. Connect the positive cable
5. Connect the negative cable
6. If you set off the alarm, press the Unlock button on your Fob

The only system that should require further attention is the 'express windows' calibration. This is an excerpt from my 2006 manual:

1. With the ignition on or in ACC, or while RAP is active, close all doors.
2. Press and hold the power window switch until the window has fully opened.
3. Continue holding the switch for approximately two seconds.
4. Pull up the power window switch until the window is fully closed.

The window is now programmed. Repeat the process for all windows.

STS Serge 172
08-24-12, 03:22 PM
I been having the "service air bag", "hood ajar" and "service theft system" icon/msg appear on mine--took it into the dealer and they said it was due to the "hood latch/lock" causing the problem. In doing so they stated it should make everything go back to "normal"; of course they were charging about $400 US dollars :/

I found the latch itself on GMPartsDirect.com for about 100 Shipped in the US (part #25778967)--it's onlt 3 bolts to remove plus a sensor plug; also the plastic covers surronding the engine should be removed. I have yet to order myself since I been exchanging emails with them trying to figure out which are the correct part numper for some Spark Plugs I am using--they gave me 2 different parts number and am not sure if both work and what's the difference...anyhow that's my exp.