: oil under the intake

12-08-04, 08:18 AM
ok time for me to get to it and fix this thing, its a 94 sls 4.5 n* and if you look at the engine from the pass side and look down under the intake behind the power steering pump resivior you can see quite a bit of oil down there. looking for any ideas on what could be leaking? i am probably gonna tear the intake off this weekend to look at it since i cant see anything and also my valve cover gaskets appear to leak so i am replacing them too along with a minor coolant leak ( bad hose ). any suggestions feel free to fire away!! thanx

12-08-04, 01:32 PM
if your cam cover gaskets are leaking...that's probably where its coming from...the oil will run along surfaces and edges and such until it finds somewhere to pool. Good luck!!!

12-09-04, 04:31 PM
Make sure that it is not oil leaking from the power steering pump/reservoir. Power steering fluid has been mistaken for engine oil more than once.

Check the cam cover seals as mentioned as that might be the source of the oil if it is engine oil.

Check the interface between the cylinder head and the block deck surface at the front of the engine. There is an oil passage feeding the heads at the front of the engine across the deck surface so if the head gasket is leaking slightly at that specific spot it can cause an oil leak/seepage into the valley. I would just put up with it if that is the problem as pulling the heads would be the only fix then if that is the problem.

12-10-04, 12:57 PM
i was looking for in depth at it last night and it appears the cam covers are leaking some but on closer inspection the fluid seems to have a redish tint and i am starting to think its power steering fluid, a while back the ps was getting low and i found a line on the rack loose and tightened it and it hasnt drained since but it could have also gotten into the lifter vally along time ago, i am probably still going to pull the intake off to clean it all out and what are the chances i could reuse the intake gaskets on it since they are rubber/viton and not regular gasket material??

12-10-04, 01:06 PM
Sounds more like PS fluid......

The intake gaskets should all be reuseable. The intake comes off relatively easily as there are no coolant passages or anything to deal with. If one of the silicone beaded gaskets is torn or damaged you can repair it locally with a dab of RTV when reassembling.

IF you haven't already, search using "phenolic spacer plates" and "egr passages" in the search feature for the forum and read my posts. You'll want to clean out the EGR passages in the phenolic spacer plates while the intake is off (that is reason alone enough to remove the intake....) and also clean the small machined notches or "mouse holes" in the heads themselves at each intake port.

To remove the intake just remove the center 4 bolts recessed into the cover of the intake. Do not remove the perimeter row of bolts. If you just remove the center 4 recessed bolts the entire intake lifts off as an assembly in one piece. Slide the phenolic spacer plates out, clean the passages, clean up the oil and reassemble.

I have seen engines replaced due to an "incurable oil leak" that turned out to be power steering fluid leaking into the valley like you describe so make sure what the problem is before you start "fixing" anything....!!!!

12-10-04, 02:24 PM
figure it out is exactly what i planned before did anything else, got to replace the water pump belt too it looks like hell, althought the pump looks real nice like its new and i have a hose leaking coolant to fix, no big deal there though

12-13-04, 08:49 AM
well got it done this weekend, pulled the intake, cleaned the egr plates and passages and cleaned the oil from under the intake, applied a small amount of high tack gasket sealer on the gaskets to insure they sealed good, runs fine maybe even a little better than before. But i cant do the idle relearn because its too cold here only 30 now and my garage doesnt get that warm, i heard it has to be 50 or higher to do the releanr so i have to wait on that i guess!! thanks for the help guys

12-13-04, 08:26 PM
forget the idle learn....just drive it...it will quickly learn itself.