: It wasn't my imagination!

08-10-12, 11:44 PM
Apparently the powers that keep track of these things have declared this Summer, thus far, the hottest on record since temperature records have been kept. It won't surprise me if several other states come to the same conclusion. Between weeks of in the mid nineties and above and very high humidity this Summer has been the least enjoyable since we have been in the Old Dominion.

While i don't envy Down Easterners their Winters or muddy Springs, I could used a little cooler temperatures this Summer. A weekly meal or two of lobster derived cuisine would have been nice too!

08-11-12, 12:27 AM
I've heard July was the hottest month ever for the NATION. I would concur, as it was hotter than a steel mill here for weeks on end. 80s was relief! :histeric:

08-11-12, 12:41 AM
I was checking the forecast where some of my family lives in the Midwest and tomorrow appears to be in the mid 90s, thats 20 degrees COOLER than it has been. Thats craziness!!!!

08-11-12, 12:12 PM
Yeah, it has been hot. Every time I am in the garage, it has been sweltering. Invested in a large industrial fan (like one uses to cool a warehouse) and solved much of this. Florida also has a humidity problem, because...well, because it's Florida. This problem is not nearly as bad where I live though, as the rolling hills keep us way above sea level, unlike the rest of the state, especially the Orlando area, which is all built on swampland.

However, it is the sunlight that gets you. I have no tolerance of it and my skin will literally peel off if I am exposed to it for more than thirty minutes, even mildly. Not to mention if I am outside someplace, a parking lot for example, the sun renders me nearly completely blind (because asphault in Florida is a very pale grey, nearly white and thereby very reflective) and have had to have people lead me through someplace, because I could not properly open my eyes or look up.

I can deal with sub-freezing temperatures and walk through any level of snow with naught but a kilt and boots, but sunlight, is a spiteful, hateful thing. :mad: