: Power Steering Servicing

08-10-12, 05:59 PM
I just had my 2006 sts in for servicing. The power steering assist stopped working and the DIC displayed "service steering system". When this would happen, all I had to do was power off the car and open the door and the system would reset its self and the power steering would be fine until it did it again.

The dealership replaced the power steering solenoid two days ago. Today it happened again but this time I can't get it to reset. So now I'm driving it with the power steering assist inoperative.

I have an appointment with the dealership next week and was told it's fine to drive it as is. My concern is I now hear a barely audible whine coming from the engine compartment in front of the console. Sounds like a belt driving an inoperative pump.

Is it OK to drive?