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08-10-12, 02:13 AM
Since I've never had bad experiences with Quaker State, and a few good ones, such as -30F cold starts, I like their oil. Doesn't hurt that they sponsor my favorite Nascar driver, but hey, their stuff works too. I recently saw advertising for their Defy High Mileage Partial Synthetic Motor oil. I have 67xxx miles on my 96 Northstar V8 in my DeVille, and if I'm going to use this stuff, the time is approaching. My question is, is it worth what they claim? Are there any benefits over regular oil, especially for my flat tappet cam V8?

08-10-12, 02:30 AM
Make that title High Mileage OIL

08-10-12, 10:57 AM
Will do - there's already a "High mileage....." thread running close by.

Quaker State is packaged by SOPUS (Shell Oil Products U.S.) as is Pennzoil and Shell. QS Defy is a high mileage oil with a slightly elevated ZDDP load so your '96 will be happy. 10W-30.

There are other oil options which also use a higher ZDDP package - the fleet/marine oils from Pennzoil (LongLife), Chevron (DELO and variants) and Shell (Rotella) can all be found in a 10W-30 viscosity rating. Some of the 5W-40 EURO oils carry the same service ratings as the HD fleet oils, and they're used by MB, VW, and Volvo as well as the exotics.

08-10-12, 01:26 PM
Nice! I've been looking for a Delo 10W-30 Variant, but I haven't found one readily available at local stores. The nice thing about Defy is that it's only a couple bucks more, readily available, and with my frequent changes, ZDDP shouldn't get too terribly depleted.

Thank you Sub! :thumbsup:

08-10-12, 06:01 PM
With your 1996, you might want to surf through www.joegibbsdriven.com (http://www.joegibbsdriven.com) . They package all sorts of HD oils in various viscosities. I keep a case of their HD high ZDDP conventional oil for the tractor and mowers. Several of the guys in the local Kent Island Cruisers run his HD 10W-30 in their muscle cars and love it, BUT - read the recommendations: Some of the high ZDDP oils will kill a cat converter. The marine/fleet and Euro oils mentioned in Post #3 will not.

Do some homework in the various oil packager sites, on everything from everyday conventional "starburst" oils to the weird race exotics - you'll find that, just because some oil carries a "diesel" spec in addition to several gasoline specs it is NOT exclusively suited for diesel engine use only. Most marine spec multigrade oils carry several diesel specs - and every Mercruiser, Crusader, GM, Ford and Volvo gasoline marine engines run the stuff.

Read this.............. http://www.api.org/certifications/engineoil/categories/upload/motor_oil_guide_2010_120210.pdf