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08-09-12, 07:38 AM
My rubber tip ( mast)on my antenna looks like its got crouch rot and doesn't look good so I would like to replace it but have a question or two. 1. Can I replace it by removing the two little screws on each side or 2. do I have to go the whole route and remove the headliner and remove the whole antenna just to replace the rubber mast. :hmm: thanks for any input.

08-09-12, 10:10 PM
You can replace it without dropping the headliner and removing the whole assembly. There is no access to the mast from the bottom so removing it from the roof will not be of any benefit.

The mast is strictly for OnStar voice only so it's really your call whether you want to replace it. If you use OnStar it may not be a bad idea or if you want to for cosmetic reasons.

Buy the replacement mast first because it will give you an idea how it's attached. They aren't very expensive.

08-14-12, 07:40 PM
thanks ddalder