: Hi All!

08-09-12, 05:09 AM
Hi everyone!
My name is Matt. I am 28. And I recently purchased my dream vehicle. A 2002 Cadillac Escalade!

I fell in love with the 2002 Escalade in, well, 2002 lol! I remember that the headlights were always the first thing to catch my eye! And the body lines. I love the body and lines! It's just my truck :) You know, when you just fit perfectly into that vehicle and you know this is the one for you! I told all my friends back then that one day I would have one, and now I do! Long before I was even driving I was collecting Escalade models and toy cars for my room!

I've actually had mine for about 4 months now. And I am about to start work on it. Modding and customizing! That's the main reason I joined this forum, to get help with ideas and information with this project!

Hoping to find more Escalade lovers! :D


- Matt

08-09-12, 05:23 AM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good info and people in here. I'm sure you'll find lots of support in the 99-06 Escalade section, but,,,,,,, theres always room for one more in the Lounge!!! Enjoy your stay!!!

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I foresee another Donked out Caddy on the road with huge 40" rims riding on rubber bands

08-09-12, 01:32 PM
Where you from Echo666?

08-09-12, 01:44 PM
Welcome! There are two sections on the forum for Esclade, EXT and ESV by model years 99-06 and 07+. Cruise over and check them out. Enjoy your stay....lot's of fine folks here. Oh, please post some pic's.

08-09-12, 02:44 PM
Thanks for the welcomes!
I am from Western Canada.
It's Echo36, not 666.

Yes there's a lot of information on here, I've already stumbled across some information on things I've come across maintaining the Escalade :)
Once I've gotten the Escalade tuned up I hope to pick up a CTS as well. Nice car truck pair :) But one step at a time lol

I will definatly post some pics once I have started. However right now my truck is nothing special, just stock.

08-09-12, 04:35 PM
Welcome :welcome:Matt. Glad to hear you are following your Cadillac dream. We are all the same here in that respect. :highfive:
You will find lots of different opinions on what that dream looks like, and we all will voice our opinions. With very few exceptions those opinions are voiced in a respectful manner.
We also have a sometimes wicked sense of humor, especially in the Community Lounge.
We have a habit of "busting each others b*lls,... so to speak,:kick: and that is not always to everyone's liking. I will allow Vincent to respond himself instead of attempting to speak for him. I will say, I have never seen him post anything here that was intentionally disrespectful of anyone here.
I understand from a lot of guys that that kind of thing is common on other forums. If that is what you are used to, you are in for a pleasant surprise here. If you are looking for a forum of only people who are fans of heavily modified Cadillac's, donks, and lowriders. You won't find a lot here. There are some but they are not in the majority.

We may not all agree with what everyone wants to do to their Cadillac, but we are always glad to have people share their ride, in whatever condition, with whatever modifications they decide to do.
I look forward to getting to know you:cheers: and to see photos of your own version of "Cadillac Love".:cloud9:

08-09-12, 04:44 PM
It's Echo36, not 666.



Oh, Orconn.....

08-09-12, 10:39 PM
Welcome Aboard!

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