: Detailed My X Type With a Porter Cable Today

ted tcb
08-08-12, 05:26 PM
I've had my Porter Cable 7424XP random orbital buffer for about a year.
Owning a black Lexus ES350, I used it weekly on bird droppings and paint sap.
Thankfully, I no longer own a black car.
Way too much work.



First step is always McGuires clay bar for me. I like how it removes pollution from the
paint and leaves a buttery smooth finish.
I start with Menzerna Intensive Polish and a cutting pad, to remove swirls and light
scratches. I slowly work the Porter buffer from about 3000 to 6000 rpm, then
clear the residue with microfiber towels.

I repeat the above steps with Klausse 2 in 1 wax and a medium pad, then finish
with Klause Sealer and a soft pad.

Pretty fair results for a 2004 Jag. 9 Canadian winters and 60k later, she still
shines up nicely. Not showroom new, but very close.





I also removed the wheels to clean and wax the inside of the rims.
It gives me a chance to re torque the lugnuts and paint the calipers.


I didn't go crazy on the time process ... perhaps 3 hours.
Today was a good shady day for waxing.

08-08-12, 05:30 PM
Looks great, Ted. How's the Jag treating you?

ted tcb
08-08-12, 06:02 PM
No hiccups whatsoever.
Mechanically, it has been as boring as a Japanese family sedan.

I pulled my Miata out of the garage last week, and noticed the headlights were "on" with the Jag.
Damn, I thought Jaguar's fabled gremlins had reared their ugly heads.

I jumped in the Jag, saw the headlight switch was turned to off, and scratched my head.
Then, I realized I must have tapped the "light" feature on my Jag's keyfob as I backed the Miata out
of the garage. I was looking for trouble where none existed.

Like you, I believe a used car's dependability is a direct result of the previous owner's maintenance care, moreso than the pedigree of the manufacturer. The X Type is often times considered to be a used car dog, and the used prices reflect the car's unpopularity.

Mine, much like Destroyer's Jaguar, has been the model of civility.

I'm thankful that the previous owner faithfully returned his car to Thornhill Jaguar for all service intervals.

08-08-12, 07:56 PM
Destroyer's Jag experience has made me really kinda like those cars.


08-09-12, 09:45 AM
Nice! Leaping cat looks great too

08-09-12, 01:09 PM
Nice job! Sharp looking 'jag-yu-warr' too.

08-09-12, 01:58 PM
I have always loved Jags... That's freaking beautiful, man.

ted tcb
08-09-12, 04:07 PM
As good as the Jag looks, the results with my Lexus ES350 were even greater.
Gotta love a well detailed black car .... for a few hours, until it gets dusty.
These results were after a full day's work with the Porter, trying to correct scratches in the
clearcoat finish.