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08-07-12, 08:30 PM
I have a feeling my battery is croaking. Anyone have the part # for the Optima replacement we can use in our v's ?

08-07-12, 10:05 PM
^^^ - I've had some bad luck with Optima batterys in my other vehicle in recent years, and recently, Costco quit selling them as well, (no reasons given ...?). Some folks on this forum had a rash of problems with the V2 oem batterys years ago, and after some research on their part, decided to replace the oem battery with an, "Odyssey PC1220", battery. They're not cheap, but are supposed to be top notch. I intend to repalce my V2 battery with the Odyssey when/if the time comes ...


Dr. Design
08-08-12, 01:31 PM
+1 on the Odyssey Battery. That's all we use here at the shop.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

08-08-12, 04:10 PM
Ditto on a new Optima even after buying the correct charger. I'll look the Oddesy up, but use Farm & Fleet for great performance and price. As long as these don't even show, I don't care what it looks like anyway!

08-08-12, 04:15 PM
+2 on Odyssey, I've used optima red/yellow tops in the past, but my next purchase will be an Odyssey. The only concern of course-- is that it's twice as expensive as an optima. It's certinally twice the battery, but whether you want to blow $300 on a battery is something you'll have to ask yourself.

I will say that Odyssey has a direct fit replacement where as Optima does not.