: Custom High Performance Cadillac Builds

Carroll Cadillac
08-07-12, 05:27 PM
Our latest Performance build is a 1998 STS.

This toy was created for Bill Pesterfield of ST Helens Oregon.
Mike my custom header builder an I, through many hours of design have created a one of a kind header system for the transverse
We call this a three header system due to our merging "Y" pipe being rebuilt with its own collector.


You can view this engine outside the car here on our site, check out this link;

All for the love of this American dream, and Henry Ford didn't think it would be a seller? Go figure!

01-22-13, 04:36 AM
I currently have a 02 eldo and have a small high end car repair shop. We do about a set of head gaskets a month on the northstars. On mine I am in the process of studding the heads and a few performance upgrades. I was wondering if your headers were available for purchase yet or if it was a one off deal.