: Detroit Free Press - Cadillac's marketing dilemma

08-05-12, 09:39 AM
Focused more on the CTS, but speaks to the entire lineup and the fact that Cadillac now has a family of cars.

They predict that the ATS will be the volume leader and the CTS and XTS may be tied for second.

Article states the the obvious when the pricing of the ATS was introduced. The CTS is now suffering the middle child syndrome with the two new models.

To be expected until the new CTS comes out in 2014.

Article states that will try to distance the starting price of the ATS and CTS by eliminating the base CTS (accounted for a small amount of sales), increasing the price of the CTS slightly and marketing the coupe and wagon versions more.


08-05-12, 05:30 PM
It's going to be a great time to get a CTS if you've ever wanted one...

08-07-12, 05:48 PM
interesting read