: Picked up my new 2012 CTS V Coupe yesterday. Yahooooooo

08-03-12, 09:24 PM
Finially got it home yesterday. After owning over several "too many to count performance cars" so far I feel this is the best all around car I have driven. Windows tinted today. ordering Air Intake then pully and tune. Here is the car befor the Black/Carbon wheels were installed http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1560.l2649&item=160832195300&sspagename=STRK%3AMEUSX%3AIT. and a pic of my Grand Sport that I traded http://i367.photobucket.com/albums/oo111/dlang1009/407.jpg. So far I am much happier with the V than any of my C6s including my past Z06,Porsche Carrera S BMW 650. I am thinking for the money the V might very well be the best all around car period. Again my opinion. Let the mods begin. Pics coming soon and the Black wheels and tint. The black wheels really give it the tough look that I was looking for. I like the polished wheels but I prefer the black. Thanks to all on this forum I have learned and continue to learn about these great cars.Glad to be part of the Cadillac family.
Crappy Cell Phone Pic.

08-03-12, 09:29 PM
I love driving the new CTS V Coupe. Awesome car and I agree its a fantastic performance machine.

That said...I dig taking the roof off of my vette all summer long...

Best of luck with your new V! I'm sure its a beauty.

08-03-12, 11:38 PM
Congrats on the new V. Enjoy modding :)

08-04-12, 12:23 AM
It only gets better. Congrats.

Crystal Red CTS-V
08-04-12, 04:01 PM

08-04-12, 04:06 PM
adaboy! welcome to bliss. =p i think you said a mouthful, best car to EVER come out of gm bar none. and this (currant V) is my 28th american car.

08-04-12, 06:13 PM
congrats to you

08-04-12, 08:44 PM
Enjoy it. Most fun I've had in a car ever.

08-04-12, 10:53 PM
Congrats. Driving the Coupe never gets old!

Brian in GA
08-04-12, 11:42 PM
I've owned fast cars my entire life. I've drag raced muscle cars in my younger years and road raced Porsches for the last decade. I've never owned anything that brings me the happiness that this V Coupe does, nothing, nada, noway, not even close!


08-05-12, 04:44 PM
Wow you guys are correct the more I drive it the better it feels. After much research I am doing the LPE or Halltech intake,Eibach lowering springs. Then Upper Pully with Ed Hutchings Hi Tech tune, From there without my wife looking lol. Headers,Hi Flow cats, Then???Need to be ready for my buddy who will be getting the new Viper, I know it will be a handfull but I have confidence that this V will be a good challenge for the new Viper before he mods his..lol..Thanks to this forum alot of good info..

08-05-12, 06:14 PM
Good choice of car and color. Enjoy.