: Doctor Appointment Tuesday

08-03-12, 07:46 PM
Been having starting issues lately, she just clicks, try a few more times and she starts. Tested the battery and it's fine, just under 800 CCA. Also was told after my most recent oil change that the pan is leaking slightly so getting that checked out as well. Lastly, she has a pop/creak on the driver side that just developed when taking off from a stop, gotta get the nose up to hear it.

Starter/ solenoid, oil pan/engine gaskets and seals, ball joints, struts, tie rods are all covered under my extended warranty so I think I should come out OK...


FYI, bringing her to the ONLY exclusive Cadillac dealer in the state, Key Cadillac.

Figure they're experts AND I'll get a Cadillac loaner!

08-08-12, 12:40 PM

Good news:

Starter is being replaced under extended warranty...oil pan is NOT leaking.

Bad news:

The pop/creak I get when accelerating from a stop is a bad driver side motor mount, NOT covered under my extended warranty. Quoted at $770 at the Cadillac dealer, told them I'd take it somewhere else for that...

08-08-12, 07:30 PM
Quote seems high. AllData says one front mount is 3.5 hrs book labor, and the mount is either $160 or $105 (the more expensive one being the AWD version).

08-08-12, 08:44 PM
Got a lower quote from a local shop at $425, said the part was $150, and he did ask if it was AWD/RWD. Mind you the initial quote was at an exclusive Cadillac dealer, probably over $150/hour for labor...she'll go in next week at the cheaper place :)

After it goes back to my local GM dealer to redo the rear passenger axle seal...they "fixed" both about a month ago under my extended warranty. (glad I bought that sucker!) The dealer informed me that it was leaking again today.