: Finally got my new socks and shoes!

08-02-12, 06:32 PM
Went to my local wheel shop and as soon as I laid my eyes on these I had to get them. Got a pretty good deal on them too, $1850 with new falken azenis tires. They are Niche Concourse wheels from MHT, running 245-35-20 front and 255-35-20 in the back.



08-02-12, 06:50 PM
Very nice.

08-03-12, 05:29 AM
I usually a 'factory stock' guy, but I have to admit, I like those wheels.

08-03-12, 08:01 AM
You did a very nice, classy job with the wheels. I also like the chrome on the doorposts. Very nice car. Glad you kept with the original factory size.

08-03-12, 11:54 PM
those are 20s? they look small on the sts...thinking of getting 20s (matte black or machined matte black) and dropping the car or settle for 22s. but man nice wheels! we have the same colors (blue chip)

08-06-12, 06:39 PM
They are 20s yes they actually look 2x better in person and bigger but for some reason the pictures make the wheels look smaller. I live in NJ and with all the pot holes a 35 series tire would be the lowest I would go and I'm pretty sure the 22's have to have a 30 series to avoid rub. Also black on a dark blue car seemed to not mix well thats why I went with machined silver and chrome lip, really brings the car alive w/o being so flashy.

08-07-12, 03:01 PM
I usually a 'factory stock' guy, but I have to admit, I like those wheels.
+1. Nice job.