: Unusual noises or am I crazy?

07-30-12, 11:27 AM
My 98 Deville has been acting up lately, I'm led to believe its a bad engine mount. As for codes I get (P1571, C1277) both TCS related errors

Im hearing what seems to be overly loud tapping? Is this a normal sound for the engine to make?

here is the link to the video

07-30-12, 11:59 AM
Is this noise with the engine cold or hot, and does it change as the engine warms up ? How many miles, what oil, filter, last oil change ?? Suddenly appear or slowly become more apparent. Same with engine cover removed ? What does the noise "do" with engine rpm increase ?

........... something just went wrong with your link.......... now it's back........

Is there something hitting a cooling fan blade ? (long shot, I know..........)

07-30-12, 11:13 PM
Just saw this now, will do a proper analysis tomorrow to answer your queries. I can tell you it has 88,983 miles, unsure of oil brand (10w-30), oil changed 5-31-12.

A side note, I did a WOT a few days ago, and i got up to 55mph, switched to gear 2, floored it to about 70, and let go of the gas. as it was coasting back down the car shook pretty heavily. is that normal?

07-31-12, 10:26 AM
No. Deceleration should be smooth, just like any other decel.

07-31-12, 01:52 PM
Thats what I was afraid of. Any potential cause to the violent shaking?

07-31-12, 03:02 PM
:noidea: Motor mount maybe?

07-31-12, 10:00 PM
Im glad you said that because that's what I think it is too. How much work would it be to replace the lower fluid filled mound?

07-31-12, 10:04 PM
Not sure. Mine was done under warranty. Several people here have done it though. I believe there is a tutorial in the Tech Tips section.

08-02-12, 08:17 PM
Pain in the butt on a 00 Deville, have to partially drop the cradle and lift the engine... check out the tutorial.

08-03-12, 03:26 PM
I might have figured out the problem to the knocking. The A/C compressor is nearly on its last leg. I pulled the relay and started the car and bam, knocking is gone. The compressor would also explain why my a/c is no longer cold.

08-03-12, 04:20 PM
Here's the video anyway Submariner. It show the ignition, reving, gear changes. from a cold start. I heard some buzzing(?) coming from near the coil pack?