: Just a rant / complaint about the features of the SLS that the STS didnt get...

07-29-12, 11:32 AM
As a little follow up to the pictures thread (there are about 1k photos) I posted in the SLS Subforum I thought it would make sense to list out somethings the USA Spec STS should have had that the China Spec SLS had.

The SLS has an outstanding interior:
The leather quality looks better. (why is china getting better material)
The plastic quality looks better. (why does china have a better looking build quality)
There is a more refined look / appeal to the flow of the doors and dashboard. (why is STS lacking in a proper flow)
The Nav unit looks more integrated / was a better integration than the STS.
The useless slide out tray / ashtray at bottom of center stack is actually accessible. (WTF??? happened in the STS)
The Memory seat / wheel control keys are PHYSICAL keys on the door (like previous gen Seville / Deville)
Rear seats have heat / vent / massage/vibrate. (why doesn't the STS front seats have massage/vibrate like the rear SLS)
Rear seats have a center console.
Rear seats have built in monitors.
More leg room in the rear (due to body stretch... STS could have had a longer wheelbase and less trunk space if GM didn't want the overall body to be longer.)
Rear seat passenger has easy access to move front passenger seat and seatback into alternate positions with large buttons on side of seat above center console.
The front center console looks amazing.
The wood choices look better, perhaps just a better tree was used to give the woodgrain.
No orange lit LCD panels. ... all white and blue
Center console cup holders look more luxurious

Built in factory back-up camera
Nav appeared to be standard on all models
Option of turbo and non turbo charged engines (2.0T and 3.0L)
LED Reverse lights
LED Reverse Fogs (common on most exported models)
LED Reverse lights in taillight too so 4 backup lamps plus a camera? should be pretty easy to backup...
Uplevel models have bi-xeon AFL (advanced forward lighting) headlights
LED Front signals / DRLs / parking lights
The trunk open switch is a lot better to use as it is angled to a more natural position when opening the lid.
Did I mention the backup camera? lol

Flaws of the SLS
The paint looks a bit more orange peel'd than USA.
Not sold in the USA
Less than attractive wheels on base models
No option for Northstar
Likely not able to get AWD (not really an issue in china I suppose)
Did not see an obvious specimen of a car equipped with MRC
Ugly tail lamps (in my opinion)
Halogen, non-projector fog lights.
Can be equipped with no heated or ventilated seats.

This information is all based on the pictures I have found of the SLS.
Feel free to add comments / corrections ...
Anyone have any ideas on how we might get some of the SLS here in the USA??
(besides fly to china) I looked on ebay china and some GM part websites, no dice.

I would like to get cashmere front door panels since they look better and have the physical driver switch on the door.
I would also like to get the AFL bi-xeon headlights too.
I assume these two things will either be prohibitively expensive or impossible to obtain.
(Well actually I would rather have the whole SLS with a drivetrain swap from the STS4 4.6L AWD...)
GM could have killed the Deville and had the STS for the Seville replacement and the DHS as the Deville replacement (with the DHS being the SLS)
(DHS = Deville High-Luxury Sedan) Then GM would have been sharing the same body/frame again rather than re-inventing the old deville in 2006.

On a side note when accessing the STS with a tech2 during model selection after choosing 2008 Model Year it asks STS or SLS

07-29-12, 11:44 AM
Haha, I was just reading your SLS thread. This is somewhat common to a degree, but I, personally, have not seen such a difference in features on the same platform.

I don't know how I would feel with a 2.0t pulling it around, but after seeing your thread, I'm going to do some digging and and see if I can't source at least a few of the interior parts and headlamps.

07-29-12, 09:28 PM
I, personally, have not seen such a difference in features on the same platform.
I'm used to seeing some minor changes too but overall they usually are very similarly equipped.

I don't know how I would feel with a 2.0t pulling it around Yeah not sure how well that would go. I do have a video of it on a dyno, it doesn't seem to be too powerful, and is likely why they're not available with AWD.
They could have done the 3.0L in a turbo here and it probably would have been a better deal than the 3.6L is here.

Oh and they also get power folding mirrors. I wonder if their Bluetooth is more functional too.

07-30-12, 05:15 PM
personally I couldn't care less, still lovin my STS

07-30-12, 06:59 PM
Looked at many of the pictures. I don't see anything that causes me to like my STS any less. A lot of the "the plastic looks better" stuff is probably a function of them being professional photos of brand new cars. It's probably not as dramatic as you think :) Plus I think our nav setup looks cleaner; the two-toned stuff with "Cadillac" looks out of place IMO. Not having ACC would be a no-go for me--that's why I bought a 1SG.

08-05-12, 09:35 PM
Platinum edition STS interiors blow away any other interior offering.

08-05-12, 10:16 PM
Platinum edition STS interiors blow away any other interior offering.

What interior options are exclusive to the Platinum models?