: 1st Cadillac ATS vs BMW 3 Series Comparison Test -- Caddy Wins!

07-28-12, 05:17 PM
Wouldn't have predicted this, but it looks like Cadillac has a winner on its hands...


"Shadowing the BMW 335i in terms of both intuitive feedback as well as overall ride quality and handling confidence is the 2013 Cadillac ATS. If you think you might have misread that previous sentence, go back and read it again – slowly. Just to be 100 percent clear, Cadillac has created a sport sedan that is, dynamically, right on top of the BMW 3 Series. How close is it? The ATS is closer than the previous challenger to the 3 Series’ supremacy when it comes to sublime handling finesse – the Infiniti G37. Again, we’re talking shades of gray here, shades we could only uncover because we drove all three in such close proximity to each other. The G37’s extra weight is the likely culprit in placing it third, as it still feels like a first class sport sedan...unless you drive it aggressively right after driving an ATS or 3 Series, aggressively."

07-28-12, 11:57 PM
Very impressive. Although, I'm hoping the 2.0T might have an even better handling quotient. I can't wait to drive both a new 3 and ATS...