: HID fog lights?

07-27-12, 02:35 PM
hey guys im gonna be removing my bumper this weekend to fix the condensation in my headlight assembly, i was thinking that while my bumper is off i could install hid's in my fog lights. what my main question is, are they difficult to install? and what brand of hid's do you recommend i should use for the fog lights?

07-27-12, 03:56 PM
Fog lights are supposed to be fairly low-level, beam dispersed about 20 feet in front of the car - to penetrate fog vapor droplets. If you're going HID for the ricer bling, it's easier and cheaper to use a halogen bulb with a blue dyed glass envelope. Places like the typical Auto Zone cater to that stuff.

If you're dead set on doing some rather different wiring and light changes, take a look at one of our Vendors ^^^, Sharp HID.

07-27-12, 04:14 PM
Sts...I just Changed out my fogs yesterday to hid...and headlights....headlights were easy, fogs were a "pita" but they look amazing and I will be able to see so much more than I could before with the halogens

07-27-12, 04:43 PM
What brand of hid's did you put in your fogs? And what did you have to do to install them?

07-27-12, 04:58 PM
Idk what they are...I do home audio/video and one of my distributors sells 12 volt too so that's why I ordered them...I do know they are not cheap eBay ones but also they are not super high end ones either...once the bumper was removed I removed the fog/ parking light assemblies from the bumper, did a complete headlight restoration, had to drill some holes for wiring :(,hlooked everything up, sealed holes, and reinstalled everything...they are 8000k 35w...perfect color I was looking for...if you choose to run them on a relay you won't have to drill holes, you'll only have to tap into the factory harness...I didn't do this because I will be taking it all apart in about a month to change the parking lights to switchback LEDs and I wanted to make sure I liked the fogs before I cut connectors and tapped the oem harness

07-27-12, 05:23 PM
So you drilled a hole in the fog light housing covers? What did you use to seal the holes with?

07-27-12, 09:20 PM
the hid kits i have bought come with the rubber grommet on the wires for the kits i put them in the fogs of my car so that they match the same colour as the headlights! they were simple to install but i have access to hoist and such. i have some pictures to show you of the install but you will have to wait for me to get home to my computer to show you them! i would totally recomend them i bought mine from vvme.com and have had no problems shipped to my door was like 40$ i believe cheaper than the bulbs from canadian tire! and i have never had a problem with flicker or anything and always turn on properly no relay

07-27-12, 10:25 PM
@scott9001 Sure! pictures of the of the install would be most helpful.

@submariner409 Thanks Man, I'm gonna check out sharp hid and see what they have.

07-27-12, 10:47 PM
Silicone is what I used to seal the holes and what I'm talking about sealing is the grommet into the hole...just for extra protection...I'd say it took me about 2 hours to do the fogs including the restoration, install HID's, and reassemble the car...all on the ground with no lift/jack :(