: Help needed selling 8,000 Miles 09 TTID 180 BLS Elegance Auto!!

07-27-12, 09:29 AM
anyone know the best place for me to sell to sell this vehicle, I have been told that they are a bit speacialist? It was my late Grandads and we need to sell it on. Bought brand new from park lane Mayfair Cadaillac and only done 8,000 miles.

Any thoughts appreciated.


07-27-12, 10:42 AM
The price appears to me slightly high based on Parkers guide


but it is difficult to quantify the low mileage value.(Parkers also have different values for09/09 and 09/59.

My suggestions are Pistonheads and Autotrader which normally carry BLS ads.The addition of pictures on this forum may also assist.(Parkers example above relates to 10/59 model.Other years can be input for prices.)