: Site functions painfully slow

07-27-12, 07:56 AM
Sometime last night something was done to the entire site. Page loads, answers, posts are extremely slow. The notification "waiting for comet-admin.verticalscope.com" shows, the wheels grind, and nothing happens for 10, 15, 20 seconds.

12-30-12, 10:24 AM
It has been a while, but the site is slowing down again. Long upload times, long edit times, slow page loads. Usually accompanied by the lower toolbar message "waiting for ... verticalscope.com...." and/or "transferring data from ......facebook.com (http://www......facebook.com)" (a tracking cookie ???). Whatever - the site is getting slow.

FWIW, This has been observed on: A laptop running XP - SP3, a laptop running Vista (updated) and a PC running 7 premium.