: temporary subwoofer, need input and remote power/turn-on leads

07-26-12, 09:12 PM
So i am far from having all the required parts to finish my sound system. I am needing some rca inputs for an aftermarket amp. I'm wanting to leave the stock sub and amp in tact and just run another.

I am looking to stay as cheap as possible (means no JL audio clean sweep) but ive looked at the sticky and its just giving me terms that are above my head.

I have an 06 CTS sedan non-bose.

Any ideas?

08-03-12, 06:27 AM
you could run a line out invertor which taps into the rear speaker and has a RCA output and as for a remote tap into your fuse box and use any 20a fuse that runs with the car in the ACC and RUN . this meaning the bas will hit when the car is on and in ACC .

01-17-13, 01:43 AM
I promise..this will be the last old thread I bump :P


This device (and many others like it) will take the signals coming from your speakers, convert them to RCA and then send your amp the 12v needed for remote on.
What I like about this device is it doesn't decrease the load on the speakers (meaning they stay at 4om) so you don't have to worry about overloading the stock HU. Its a piece of cake to install as well. You tap into your rear speakers, install the red wire on the device to your amp's 12v input, the negative wire from the device into your amps ground input and then plug the blue wire from this device into your amps remote input. Then select RCA on the device and plug those male leads into the female RCA leads on your amp and away you go!

You can even adjust the output for better fine tuning of your system.

WARNING!! Any Vehicle who uses the speakers as a "Chime" will then be sending the signal to turn on your amplifier! Meaning, if you pop your trunk with the ignition off your car is still sending a signal to your factory speakers..this in turn will activate the device and turn on your amplifier. If you leave any door in your car open for a length of time THIS WILL DRAIN YOUR BATTERY!

I just did this today when I was working on my car (trunk open and all doors open), in 1 hour I drained my battery enough that I needed a jump!...and my keys were in my pocket!