: Trunk proximity

07-24-12, 02:06 PM
Does anybody know the location of the trunks proximity sensor

07-24-12, 09:30 PM
The small, rounds indents in the rear bumper? Or the actual module that controls the system?

07-25-12, 11:21 AM
The module or the antenna. My button on the trunk doesn't work unless I put the key fob into the trunk.

07-25-12, 12:11 PM
PMJ380 posted this

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Re: Trunk Proximity Sensor Not Working - 05 STS

There is a antenna attached to the rear bumper, the steel one behind the plastic its almost dead center there is one plug that goes into it and there is a basic clip holding it in place it is about the size of a pack of gum. replace it and it will work they break. Think the part was $100. there are a few clips on the plastic bumper cover on the bottom pull out the plastic cover and you'll see the steel bumper underneith.

Hopefully this will help