: Transmission anomaly???

07-24-12, 10:49 AM
Funny thing the other day…my car would not shift into first gear…it started after I reversed out of a driveway.

I put the shifter in “D” and the engine simply reved some as if it were in neutral. I checked the shifter to make sure it was in “D” and gave it gas again, but I noticed the transmission started out in 2nd gear. I came to a complete stop and the transmission again started in 2nd gear. Going about 15 mph, I floored the accelerator to get the transmission to drop into first gear, nothing, the tranny stayed in second gear, and properly shifted into 3rd and so on as I accelerated. Everything seemed right, but the car would not shift into 1st. I Stopped again, put the transmission in “P”ark and then switched to “D”. Again, the tranny started in 2nd. I switched to manual mode, gear indicator said “2” and I downshifted. Indicator changed to “1”, but the transmission stayed in “2” gear. I stopped, placed the transmission in “P”ark and restarted the car. I moved the gear selector in “D” and the transmission operated and shifted correctly. Engine was not hot as I was driving for about 10 minutes under normal load.

This is the first time this has ever happened….Also, I’ve noticed that when I go to pass, the transmission seems to “thunk” into 2nd gear when I press down on the accelerator and when I let up, it seems to “thunk” again back into normal gear. This occurs when the shifter is in “D” and not in manual mode.

Car has 28k miles...Thoughts/ideas?