: Wheel/Tire question

07-23-12, 04:27 PM
I have the staggered 17" wheel/tire setup and am wanting to upgrade to 18" wheels. Would a 255/40R18 fit on a 18x8 wheel without bulging to much? I want to keep around a 255mm tire on the rear so what's everyone recommending or running on there rear end?

07-23-12, 08:03 PM
Plug in the OEM tire size then play with alternative sizes...easy and informative.

07-25-12, 07:09 AM
Thanks, this calculator is pretty close to this one http://www.rimsntires.com/specs.jsp So if I wanted 255/40R17 tires in the rear, it has to be at least 8.5" wide. I am having a hard time finding a nice set in that dimension. I have been looking at some Prado Arcana's of discounttiredirect.com and they come in 18x8 and 18x9.5, Do you think the 9.5" wide rim would fit in the rear? Here is the URL if you want to check them out.


07-27-12, 10:48 AM
Well I went ahead and bought the Prado wheels with General Max tires. When I get back in the states I will post some pictures.