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07-19-12, 02:22 PM
Hi I may be in the wrong place with this but I was wanting to know the best way to pull out engine from 97 deville easiest way any help would be great thanks

07-19-12, 04:45 PM
2 post lift and a roller table that can support the weight and a cherry picker legs can slide under to remove the motor from the carrier once you drop it out.

Un hook evrything attached from the firewall,harnesses, fuel lines, etc, drain coolant, then with the car rasied you have to take the struts loose so the axles will pop out and bungy out of the way (or they can stay and come out w/it all), lower onto table and remove carrier bolts, begin to raise car and make sure all clears and you did not forget to disconnect anything, and once the carrier w/motor & transaxle is free roll the table out and you can lift it free from the carrier/subframe assy to do what you need.

Thats the easiest....but some get it out the top. :thumbsup:

07-19-12, 08:24 PM
Thanks not sure if I have to do it or not cuz im not sure if my head gasket bolts failed or if something else is making my car over heat just trying to get prepared for the worst thanks alot im sure this is the way im going to go

07-20-12, 02:00 AM
Block test it and go from there.

07-20-12, 02:54 AM
Yeah im gonna do it this weekend

07-20-12, 04:23 AM
I have done it both ways (out the top & out the bottom) and out the bottom is the best way to go, even of you don't have access to a lift it can be done by picking the car up with a cherry picker and following the rest of the directions above. The first time I did it I had a pallet jack which was awesome to roll the cradle out from under the car the second time i actually made a square 4 wheeled dolly out of 4x4s I just built it high enough to straddle the cherry pickers legs.

There's a lot of project threads around here with pictures, its not a horrible job if your used to turning wrenches but it's definitely not a cake walk and it's defiantly not easy on the wallet!

I personally recommend either studs from Northstar Performance or Norms inserts with fel-pro gaskets, the regular Timeserts just seem too dainty for my taste.

07-27-12, 01:04 PM
Hey Everyone,I've watched it twice both from the underside.... I bought my '99 eldo with 63k on it with an extended warranty . Unfortunatly the carfax didnt show any problems in its past. Well it didn't last 700 miles before it overheated and diagnosed with blown HG.Mayor Cadillac in KCMO called the warranty company when they came to inspect N* it had green anti-freeze in it,pre existing problems they claimed,otherwords claim denied . Even though the car dealer in KCKS had a 50/50 repair agreement with me signed, for 30 days/1000 miles and it happened on the 21 day he would not honor it.I paid Major $3200to put in new stuff eg.FG,plugs a few other HG replacement stuff and dexcool, everything was great for the next 27k, it stopped running and I had rollbacked(towed) it to Molle Chevrolet (their master mechanic was very much N* educated,thanks Mike. My N* had 16 burnt exhaust valves,replaced those ,both exhaust cams and lifters,other things like water pump,belts and such since it was dissembled, no complaints at all, When Mike went into the headbolt torque sequence the previous serts would not hold ,not even at the 2nd 60degree. The service manager checked Cad bulletins and found that they had a new one size bigger sert. They torguedHB's at 3 x 60 degree. Great! Not any severe problems since (cleaned throttle body ,some sensors,aftermarket radiator) all seems great . 126k coming up,clean fuel top'o'line oil (T5 ) bosch filter, clean Dex, there should not be any major crap happen. no murphys' law here , just good sincere kharma. In retrospect I should have bought the GM crate engine at $6,275 plus R&R still would have been cheaper... the things you do for the cars you love...I hope someone learns from my experience.I,m on this forum, an alldatadiy member, and apply all the info I get from cadillacforums.com......THANK YOU EVERYONE. ps just got darker tint on doors and ports with black on black and reflecting in the sun (or night lights) it looks cool, my german sheperd likes it also, she's black and camouflaged in it,did i mention territorial?

08-02-12, 08:12 AM
so did the engine get pulled? been a few weeks.

08-07-12, 03:47 PM
I just ended up getting rid of it and figured I would put time and money in to my 1990 cadillac brougham but thanks for all the help hope if nothing else some one see this and it helps them out thanks again