: '06 STS Cruise Control not working....Fuse? Does nto have ACC.

07-18-12, 05:15 PM
Hello all, after looking over the XTS I decided I wanted a V8 car smaller than the DTS and bigger than the CTS so I ended up buying a used STS. 3k miles into it I have had no issues and I am enjoying the car, with one exception, the cruise control. After taking delivery of the vehicle in Hayward CA, driving to La and the Bullhead City I made several attempts to operate the cruise control. This is not my first Cadillac or Gm vehicle by far. The system does not activate at all when it is in the "On" position on the turn signal stalk :suspense:. Today I decided to pull out the manual as I was ordering the free upgrade DVD for the Navi and cannot find where the fuse is either :bigroll:(other cars it was the fuse blown). Could someone please advise where the fuse is located (under hood or under rear seat?) and which one it is. I would go to the dealership but this seems to be a easy fix and while I do not have a problem with doing things myself I figure why waste the time and money. Any help :confused:would be appreciated. Thanks.

07-19-12, 03:14 AM
Do you have the HUD? If the HUD is turned off the cruise will not work at all, at least for the ACC cars. But since you could get HUD without ACC some years it's possible they forgot to allow you to turn off HUD and still have cruise.

Otherwise if you are excessively braking hard in hot weather the cruise will disable for this too this does leave a DTC behind but doesn't illuminate a service light.

07-19-12, 08:33 PM
You didn't mention if you pushed the button on the "END" of the stalk to activate
the Cruise Control ? Above 28 MPH & what Ludacrisvp said above...:cool2::cool2::cool2:

07-19-12, 11:42 PM
There is voltage supplied to the cruise control switch which is protected using a 2A fuse in the integrated Instrument Panel Module Fuse block located under the dash somewhere along the steering column. If you have conventional cruise control, there are no other fuses as this option is managed by the ECM and other modules in the car. If the problem was a fuse supplying one of these modules you would have several other problems.

If you have distance sensing cruise control, there is a fuse in the under hood fuse block labelled "CCP". This is only if your car has option RPO code K59.

There are various other conditions that will inhibit the system but the fuse(s) are generally a good starting point.

07-20-12, 04:17 PM
I had this problem and had it fixed under warranty last Year. 2006 V8.

They replaced the wiper switch #1999391 F-Switch.
From service order-
"Scan tool found code B3497 stored in ECM. Tested power, ground, and signal to switch. Tested resistance across switch when activating cruise switch and found an open in switch. Replaced and retested. Working as designed."

It works great and I have had no further problems. Used is this summer on a 2K mile trip.

07-23-12, 01:56 PM
OK I do not have HUD or Adaptive. Since i have normal cruise control it seems as if the switch needs to be replaced. :/. As far as i can see I am out of warranty with is being a '06 and 80k miles.

07-23-12, 10:38 PM
The stalk isn't all that spendy. Get 'er done!