: 2007 northstar cold air intake?

07-17-12, 05:57 PM
Hey my fellow caddy owners. I wanted to know if there are any good cold air intakes for a 07 sts northstar. I'm aiming to get between 1-5 horsepower or more if possible. If any of you know of any good intake systems please send me some links!

07-17-12, 07:09 PM
The aftermarket sticker is good for 10 hp at least. Why did the Cadillac engineers already build in a CAI that flows more ambient temperature air than the engine can handle at redline in the first place ???

IF you fall for the hype, make sure the aftermarket CAI seller will pay for your before and after dyno pulls so you can post the HP gains here. It will be interesting to see where this 1 - 5 hp gain falls in the rpm curve..........

No power slips or timeslips and it's all eye candy. Straight, honest fact.

07-17-12, 07:17 PM
So you're saying that the stock intake system for my sts is as good as it gets?

07-17-12, 07:31 PM
That's for you to decide from reading the advertisements - I want to see the before and after dyno pulls.

An aftermarket CAI, in and of itself, is not a stand-alone speed mod - it needs additional tuning and grooming of the drivetrain management systems to realize any modest gains possible.

If I told you that my handmade pleated rice paper air filter would give you 5 hp at redline, would you believe me with no proof ? No, you would want to see the results on paper. Make the seller supply that for YOUR car before you plunk down $300 for some chrome pipe and a purple top hat filter.

EDIT: Be careful of the hype words "may", "might", "should", "could", "our testing shows"..........and others. It's your money.

07-17-12, 07:58 PM
I understand where you're from. I should ask for proven dyno results before spending that kind of money. Well I have another question if you don't mind me asking. My brake and rotors are in bad shape and I wanted to upgrade to cross drilled and slotted rotors, do you know of a reputable site to get these from?

07-17-12, 07:59 PM
Yep, anything other than what's in there already is just engine bay eye candy...

07-17-12, 08:00 PM
No drilled, they crack. Get slotted only, or slotted/dimpled if you feel the need...

07-17-12, 08:09 PM
Look through, and study the links, in the EBC (Great Britain) brake site. Get to Automotive, America, and snoop around. Lots of links on what, when how, why. I use their Black Dash Ultimax slotted rotors and Redstuff new compound ceramics. Very quiet, tenacious braking, no dust (after break-in). The entire rotor is black zinc coated, so once the break-in is accomplished the rest of the rotor away from the braking surface will not rust. I can personally testify that they will stop my STS from 143 mph in a very big hurry in a dead straight line.

Used PlaceForBrakes as the seller, free shipping, and that's quite a bit for 60 pounds of cast iron. You're in KC, so that's 3 days, UPS ground the brakes come from their CA warehouse.

Some more pictures in my albums up in Community ^^^...........did this just over a year ago and am a happy camper.

07-17-12, 08:45 PM
Thanks bud. I'm gonna check it out and do some research.

07-17-12, 08:50 PM
I used NAPA Ultra Premium rotors and Adaptive One brake pads. The car stops like it's been grabbed by the hand of God.