: Painting rubber mats

07-17-12, 11:04 AM
Hey guys. First post ever! I'm coming to some of the more experienced guys on the forum with hopes of answering a few pretty, I would assume, basic questions.

First, I have a 2002 DHS which I got about a year ago. Finally I'm getting around to putting some dough into it. As an fyi too, I've looked into solutions for the questions I have below but I just want advice from people that are experienced. You know how the whole advertising a product thing goes :rolleyes:

I'm having 4 12"s dropped in the trunk as we speak and they're sitting on top of a rubber Cadillac mat. The mat itself is all black and right in the center it says Cadillac. I want to accent the letters with white paint. What should I be using to do that? Primer with a white gloss paint on top? Sharpie paint pen?

Also, there are a couple dings and a few scratches in the clear coat. Nothing too crazy but enough to where I would like to take the time to fix them. What do you guys recommend for fixing dings that are deeper than clear coat? What about clear coat scratches?

1. What do you use to paint rubber?
2. What do you use to fix dings under the clear coat?
3. What do you use to fix clear coat scratches?