: Stock c6 wheels for drag radials??

07-16-12, 02:34 PM
Okay I know its been beaten to death, but I searched and could not find a straight answer. I can get a set of stock GM c6 wheels (guy wont separate so I'll be getting all four).

Will either c6 fronts or rears fit the rear of a V for drag radials? I'm talking width and backspacing. I know the lug pattern is a bit different but will bolt up. Here is the style wheel I am speaking about.


c6 wheel specs:

C6 (coupe/vert):
Front 18x8.5", 56mm offset = 7.45" backspace
Rear 19x10", 79mm offset = 8.61" backspace

C5 and C6 wheel circle:
5 on 4.75" (120.65MM)

07-17-12, 01:52 PM