: Passenger side door lock knob came off

07-16-12, 09:45 AM
As this happened to anyone? My daughter was trying to unlock the front passenger seat and pulled the plastic piece right off. Can't get it to stick on now and is loose.

07-16-12, 03:58 PM

07-16-12, 04:16 PM
Glue, silicone, it's a cover and have seen them get loose from kids playing with them

07-16-12, 05:04 PM
My kids did the same in the back. I picked up a new one at my local GM dealership. I think it was around $5.

07-18-12, 08:35 PM
it has a lock retainer under the knob, install the knob and make sure the rod is up and push in the lock clip which is part of the knob.