: Cts-v led drl

07-15-12, 04:11 PM
Hello list, I just purchased a 2011 CTS-V and I want to get rid of the yellowish DRLs. Does anyone have pics of their car with this mod? Also, can anyone recommend a particular brand of LED DRL? I know some brands aren't as bright as others.

Thanks in advance.


BTW, I'm loving my new V!

07-15-12, 04:58 PM
I originally went with these.... http://store.ijdmtoy.com/5202-H16-LED-Driving-Fog-Light-Bulbs-p/led_fog_5202_sku_4e.htm but one has burnt out on me. Ijdmtoy customer service has been good so far and they warrantied them and I am just trying to find the time to take the bumper off and replace them. IJDMTOY wants the burnt out lights so that they can troubleshoot and see what happened. They are a purplish blue for reference. Definitely looked cool enough that I actually wanted them on. When I get done, I will take some pics and post. If one of these burn out, I will look to go with something else as pulling this bumper off is a pain in the ass...

07-15-12, 05:12 PM
FYI- they do have a new style... http://store.ijdmtoy.com/CREE-High-Power-SMD-5202-5201-H16-LED-Bulbs-p/sku-4p.htm that I may try instead and see where it get me.

07-15-12, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the reply. I take it this is not a mod that a lot of people do? I can't seem to find pics anywhere.

07-15-12, 07:45 PM
Do you guys have a link to how to replace the drl? Is there a way to do it without having to remove the front bumper? I am putting in an airaid so maybe I can replace the left one at the same time? Thanks.

07-15-12, 11:56 PM
I used this thread, http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2009-cadillac-cts-v-appearance-mods/261691-black-out-headlight-mod.html he does a great job of explaining it. You CAN NOT get to the DRL's without removing the bumper. Here are the pics and it turns out one did not burn out, but in Cadillac's infinite wisdom they gave a fuse to each side separatley. Oh, well both are on again.9481894819 94820 94821

07-15-12, 11:57 PM
Also, keep in mind those pics were taken at at about 6pm when the sun is brightest for reference.

07-16-12, 09:13 PM
take some pics at dusk if you ever get the chance. i would really like to see them lit up when it counts. i like them much better than amber. nice job.

07-16-12, 10:00 PM
Nice but too blue for me. I'd prefer a pure white.

07-17-12, 12:19 PM
Turn them off and run fogs instead.

07-17-12, 12:47 PM
Turn them off and run fogs instead.

Yep... first thing I do when I fire my car up is turn off my DRL. I do the same in my wife's Yukon. Hate DRLs. there is just no need for them, IMHO

07-18-12, 09:23 AM
As, I am a lurker and dont have my 2013 V yet...is there a fuse u can pull? There was for my GTO.

08-26-12, 08:45 PM
been searching for the same thing, mine gets here next week. Had a GTO too, was real easy to just pull the fuse and then get rid of the ugly turn signal bulbs with stealth bulbs that would show chrome and light up amber.

08-29-12, 12:50 PM
do you think there's a difference in the brightness?

im also looking at their license plate bulbs as well and they offer two, i like choice, but then i think too much into wondering which is better, etc...
1) http://store.ijdmtoy.com/Cadillac-168-194-LED-Bulbs-License-Plate-Lights-p/lp_cadillac_sku01.htm
2) http://store.ijdmtoy.com/5202-H16-LED-Driving-Fog-Light-Bulbs-p/led_fog_5202_sku_4e.htm

what do you think?

09-01-12, 05:55 PM
Those 5202's are the ones I am attempting to run...

Never got more pics because the passenger light went out on me again! Couldn't find a burnt fuse this time. Currently trying to find the time to let the dealer look at it. Running out of patience to keep pulling the bumper off.

east coast ctsv
09-01-12, 08:30 PM
Just pull the 2 fuses that control DRL's.

09-02-12, 10:24 PM
I've done the ijdmtoy 64 ones twice, drivers side burnt out both times within a month. I'm going to put in an inline resistor and try a different bulb for a few months, will post up for everyone if it works for a wihle. For now most should just chill while a few of us go through the hassle of playing on again off again with the bumper trying to find some LEDs that will last

09-02-12, 11:19 PM
I am in that exact same boat extrabolts. Mine have failed twice within a month's time of install. Sick of pulling off the bumper just for those two lights. Problem is they look so Damn good when they are working!

10-10-12, 01:38 PM
Installed the new ijdmtoy 5W CREE LEDs yesterday and they barely light up the DRL area at all. Waste of money, even if they do last. The search continues...

10-10-12, 09:23 PM
Installed the new ijdmtoy 5W CREE LEDs yesterday and they barely light up the DRL area at all. Waste of money, even if they do last. The search continues...

Damn IT! I just ordered mine on Monday....... So dissapointed now.... Well back to pulling fuses.....

11-01-12, 08:57 AM
A few weeks in and my 5W CREE bulbs are still alive, will update again in a few months if they survive. It is more of a projector bulb with the light at the end and only a handful of LEDs around the sides. I prefered the look of the 64 SMD bulb with all of the LEDS around the sides because it lit up the entire DRL area, whereas this bulb almost looks like a small headlight. Anyway definitely better than stock.

11-01-12, 11:59 AM
Mine are going in this week. It's good to know they at least last, do they get brighter upon warm up?

11-02-12, 09:42 AM
Sorry haven't looked to see if there is any difference after warmup

09-29-13, 01:57 PM
Does anyone have a link for DRL replacement bulbs that are a cleaner white but NOT LED? One of my first LED DRLs has burned out. I'm fine with regular bulbs if they make a more white version.

It was strange but the bulb died slowly. One day I noticed it was off but then it was working again for a while. Now it's been dead for two days straight.

10-04-13, 07:18 AM
I just purchased some bulbs on ebay and should be getting by next Wednesday. I'll install that weekend and upload some pics. They cost me $24.95 shipped. I've tried leds in the past and come to find they don't last as long as they claim they should. Hopefully these will work out great. Here's the info on the bulbs: Nokya Arctic White H16 5202 35 Watt Stage 1 Twin Pack NOK7489


Found a video on youtube of what they should look like. They're said to be 7K (Bluish) upon start up and then turn white (5k) as they warm up.


10-04-13, 07:23 AM
Awesome...thanks man. I'm done with the LED bulbs. They're too much of a PITA to change to have to do it every few months. And frankly, the one bulb hasn't burnt out. It just chooses to work some days and not others. Must be on furlough with the government shutdown.

10-14-13, 11:41 AM

Here are the lights as promised

10-14-13, 11:44 AM

10-14-13, 11:45 AM

10-14-13, 11:47 AM
I love these lights. Day and night difference. The pictures do not do the lights justice. Really happy with the outcome.

10-14-13, 12:16 PM
Dude. I bought those and put them in this weekend. After 5 minutes it smelled like they were melting the housings. Are yours holding up ok? I love the bulbs but though I was going to cook the headlights from what I smelled.

10-14-13, 12:52 PM
So far so good. I didn't notice any odd smell coming from the housings. These stage 1 bulbs are supposed to be stock wattage. They make a stage 2 and I would definitely expect problems with those. They even recommend upgrading the connectors to some that are designed to handle the hotter burn of the stage 2 bulbs. I'll keep an eye out for mine in the meanwhile.

10-14-13, 02:05 PM
Just be aware that the stock bulbs are 19W and those Arctic White Stage 1s are 35W. So it's not stock wattage.

10-14-13, 03:23 PM
You're right about the wattage. I must have overlooked that. Thanks.

10-14-13, 07:21 PM
You're right about the wattage. I must have overlooked that. Thanks. Let me know how it goes. If everything is fine I'd love to reinstall them. They look soooooo much better. The yellow stock ones are killing me but I don't want to pull the fuses. The old folks in Florida need all the visual queues possible to not hit another car.

12-19-13, 02:53 PM
Are these bulbs giving you any warning lights on the dash

12-19-13, 03:02 PM
It's been a little over 2 months now and Arctic White bulbs are still looking great. No warning lights or anything. Can't complain.

12-20-13, 05:35 PM
It's been a little over 2 months now and Arctic White bulbs are still looking great. No warning lights or anything. Can't complain.

Nothing melting? I'd love to put them back in.

01-12-14, 09:09 PM
What size LED bulbs do I need to buy for a 2010 CTS. For all the interior lights??

01-23-14, 05:50 AM
What size LED bulbs do I need to buy for a 2010 CTS. For all the interior lights??