View Full Version : 96 concours aftermarket stereo plug/wiring diagram.

07-14-12, 04:13 AM
hello i was looking for some help with wiring a afermarket stereo unit.
I can not find the plug/wiring kit for the car anywhere.
i have a plug for a deville but it does not work.

the car has the 11 speakers with a delco stock head unit. when i plug in the aftermarket unit i can not start the car role the windows down lock the doors or use the lighters.
f im correct idk ive been told that the head unit in this car controls the problems i have.

idk y im having such a hard time with this. ive done a few other cars before but never a cadillac. and the crummy part is its my cadillac my own car that i cant get to work.

07-14-12, 04:36 AM
i was wondering the same thing. i bought a 96 deville plug from walmart. first mistake. mine is a 96 though. killer my battery. lost iginition fuzes windows locks and trunk/gas doors so i just put the stock one back in and it works fine. my head unit is a dolby unit or delco it has dolby on the tape inserter and dolby sticker on the back. i beleave the head unit conrols alot of stuff on the car or atleast the 11 speakers to the 4 ur aftermarket head unit has/mine as well. i beleave a company makes a unit that u can plug inbetween ur new head unit and the stereo wiring harness that will give u all the controles and 11 speakers. i just not for sure and need some clarification by some one and where i could get this plug or what to look it up ass i cant find anything for a 96 concours stereo plug at all.