View Full Version : Can't shut-off wipers...they cycle randomly

Curt brad
07-13-12, 08:46 PM
My 2004 CTS, after a trip through rainy on and off weather, statred randomly cycling the wiper blades. That's is in any position of the wiper level. They will cycle about a dozen times then stop for a several miles, and do it again. Nothing will stop it.

I replaced the Windshield Wiper Relay Module Assembly: TYCO Relay VTM-110F77-Z01 / 7181-8295 which is located on the fuse panel box under the hood. It did not fix my problem.

Does anyone know the solution to my problem?

I have the 'fuse' removed for driving in public. Wipers running on a bright sunny day looks stupid.

So, any suggestions, other than hope for sunny days?

10-08-12, 03:31 AM
Mine do this as well