: Starter Bad ?

07-13-12, 11:04 AM
I thought I read a forum about the starter on here before but I can not find it, tried our search and I tried google.

For anyone who has followed my more recent other posts with problems, this is almost humorus, yet frustraighting...
New parts: diff, trans, motor mounts, and harmonic balancer(still wobbles)

Anyways... 75k on the car
All of a sudden car will not start. My first thought was dead battery, so I pulled my other vehicle around to jump it. No difference at all with the jump.
So I check voltage, reads 12+ volts, even when I turn the headlights on the voltage stays above 12.
So I roll start the car down the driveway... Go to autozone, and park on an incline :)
Had them test the battery and she said it tested 100% After the test, the car still would not start, so I rolled down the incline to start, and went home. Once I got home and parked, it restarted multiple times. Next morning... no start.
Car is going to the dealer Monday being I still have some warranty left.
I have never had a problem with the oil temp... relating to the bad grounds.
I am assuming this is a bad starter.

Do you guys agree ?

Thought I read on another post that it was recommended to wrap the starter in the heat wrap that is used on headers.
Would I be able to do this after they put in the new starter, or does it need to be off the engine... I have not crawled under to look at it yet.

07-13-12, 10:42 PM
Just got home from work, car has been sitting in garage all day... starts fine a couple times. This is going to be frustrating because I know the dealer will tell me nothing is wrong. I did happen to take a video of it not starting and the headlights shining bright, along with the voltage on the nav screen.

I still think its a failing starter. Do you guys agree, or is this more of a grounding problem ?

I did forget to mention in the first post that I do get a "click" up front when I hit the key (when the starter does not actually start the car).

07-14-12, 12:57 AM
I had the same problem. It tunred out to be the cheap plastic plug that gives the starter solenoid the signal to work. Most other starters have a ring terminal that bolts to the solenoid itself. Our cars have a plug is made out of plastic and about 2 inches away from the headers that deteriorates over time. I would check that out.

07-14-12, 01:20 AM
Here is the purple wire / plug, obviously the connector is slightly broke, but it still seems to be all in-tacked.


Here is a video, I was showing the volts and headlights to show the dealer that the battery seemed ok at the time of it not starting.

The loud click makes me think that it is the starter, seems if the purple wire was not making connection it would not click.


07-15-12, 03:12 AM
Sorry i missed you saying you get a "click" but no crank. I would say yes if it is clicking but not cranking that the starter itself is bad.