: XM Radio Band Not Working

07-12-12, 02:57 PM
2005 CTS-V.

About 2 years ago I installed an Aux Audio Input using the following procedure:

Everything has worked perfect until now.

I cannot select the XM band on the radio. The bands cycle between FM 1/2 and AM, skipping the XM band altogether.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get it back?

12-05-12, 11:25 PM
Bump, same issue

12-06-12, 07:58 AM
Has this been a long-term issue (like, it's been happening for days), or did it just happen once or twice? Sometimes the XM band goes away apparently because the system doesn't "see" the satellites when you turn the car on. At least, that seems to be why it happens. Mine would occasionally do it if the car was parked in the garage when I started it. I knew the XM signal was weak in the garage because when I pulled into the garage the signal would drop out probably 20% of the time.

For me, the problem always fixed itself once I started the car again once or twice in a different location.

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-06-12, 11:40 AM
Mike & James, I'm sorry that I can't provide much in the way of DIY information! However, I'm happy to see this thread is starting to generate responses from the community. If you have any questions about recalls, or wanted our assistance in locating and working with a dealership, please don't hesitate to contact me either through private messaging on the forum or by email (Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com). We also ask that you please include your name, contact information, and the last 8 digits of your VIN with your inquiry!

Cadillac Customer Service

12-09-12, 10:45 PM
I had the same issue one time so far after the mod. I don't remember doing anything and it came back the next day. I think some have said to disconnect the battery for a minute. When I first did the mod I didn't have the xm antenna connected until I realized the gps was tied into it. Not sure if the xm band went away at that time or after I reconnected the antenna.

12-12-12, 12:53 AM
Lost the XM band in my 07 and pulling the negative terminal for a minute brought it back. Did not have any issues with it today.


12-12-12, 09:41 AM
happens sporatically. no big deal unless you planned on listening to Sirius...always comes back. no radio mods for me,so seems common.