: axle ratio

07-12-12, 02:28 AM
The rpo code list for my car has a G80 DIFFERENTIAL, LIMITED SLIP and GU5 AXEL REAR, 3.23 RATIO. Does this mean there are other ratios for the cts or 3.23 is for all?

07-12-12, 12:20 PM
Pretty sure 3.23 is for the AWD so the fuel economy is closer to the RWD car. The RWD has a shorter rear end but I can't remember the number. Maybe 3.73?

07-13-12, 08:24 PM
The performance option with rear wheel drive is a 3:73 posit reaction rear end

07-13-12, 11:37 PM
Would the 3.73 be for both manual and automatic transmissions?

07-16-12, 05:07 PM
Hi to all
let me throw in, what I have seen in writing.
I got two build sheets, 2011 CTS 3.6DI 6sp-AT Wagon RWD and 2011 CTS 3.6DI 6sp-AT Coupe, RWD
Both had RPO G80 for Limited Slip Positraction.
The Coupe lists RPO GT4 for 3.73 rear ratio
The Wagon lists RPO GU6 for 3.42 rear ratio