: last warrenty claim

07-11-12, 04:18 PM
well just dropped my 07 cts v for a oil pan gasket replacment with one day left on the warrenty.
couple questions
has anyone had theirs done underwarrenty?
did they use a engine cradel and drop the subframe, or pull the engine..
also they mentioned that because my car is heavily modifyied, any additional time will be charged to me at 110 a hour. yikes
time will tell but they will have the car for 3 days

07-11-12, 04:28 PM
You could try asking the dealer how they plan to attack it...

Maybe Katie can help you... :yawn:

07-11-12, 04:37 PM
yeah only the dealer will know how they plan to do the repair (and then probably only the tech/mech working on your car)

they might be able to do all the work from underneath without removing the powertrain at all and in that case i don't see how any mods would affect the time

in any case they should at least have an idea how much extra time your mods will have caused (if any) ... try and see if they will stick to an estimate

07-11-12, 05:01 PM
just got of the phone with them, they are using a kradle to support the engine and drop the subframe out.
they said they have to bolt the brackets to the heads because i apparently took the engine lift tabs off the heads, but i swear there wernt any lift hooks to begin with.
they also said my headers might block the way which they will pull the headers off at my expense.
they refuse to give a exact quote to me, they said they would cover what they can under warrenty. lol
my fingers are crossed, they apparently have never done extensive work to a v before... just shows you how popular these cars are in canada

07-11-12, 05:04 PM
can anyone verify that the cts vs came with tabs ( lifting points) on the factory heads?

07-12-12, 08:03 AM
See attached.

07-12-12, 08:20 AM
thanks for the pdf, hopefully they dont f my car up doing all that work

Cadillac Cust Svc
07-12-12, 03:07 PM
2007ThunderV, I hope you're able to get the details you'd like from the dealer and if you'd like me to follow up with them at any point, just let me know. Email me anytime at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com!


Cadillac Customer Service

07-13-12, 04:29 PM
update, just picked up the car, all is good, only cost 3 hours of labour to work around the headers, so not to bad, plus they put a new oil pan on it too. apparently there was a hairline crack in it.

07-13-12, 05:00 PM
sounds good

thanks for the follow-up