: Cadillac Restoration

Carroll Cadillac
07-11-12, 04:26 AM
Here at CCC we are more then just the leading Northstar engine experts.

Here are a couple of beauties being custom painted, '67 teal Coupe Deville, and a '64 Fleetwood.
The '67 is a complete restoration.
The '64 was a garaged one owner mint Caddy, it has only 42k on the original engine and drive train and runs like it.
However, the original paint is Laquer and of course it was seriously checked, alos it had it share of small to medium dents
through out as any old car would have, but not anymore.

We specialize in every aspect of the Cadillac, all makes, all models.
CCC is a custom automotive painting company, from custom paint jobs to full complete restorations.

If you would like to discuss a custom paint job or restoring your Caddy feel free to contact us.

Carroll Custom Cadillac
6610 NW 299th ST
Ridgefield Wa 98642

Office# 503-895-2124
Email, carrollcadillac@live.com

Carroll Cadillac
09-14-12, 12:11 AM
Visit our home page to view the complete video of the finish '64 project.

We love to share so enjoy!

Carroll Cadillac
12-06-12, 12:55 PM
I thought you Cadillac lovers would appreciate such beauty!