: Shift knob

07-09-12, 07:09 PM
I have an 06 cts v can I retrofit an onine shift knob. Does anyone know?

07-09-12, 11:41 PM
Search for some previous posts about shift knobs, there are a few of them that list the thread size. That would be the best way of knowing. I believe the last one I saw, there was mention about the Katech aftermarket being a different size. That will give you a keyword to help search with.

07-10-12, 01:20 AM
I was able to thread mine to match the C5 corvette shift knob, I just had to carefully sand the OD of the shaft down some, then I was able to tap it (i tapped right over the notch for the current shifter so i can still go back to stock if i want) I have pics i need to post sometime, i have an old school Hurst knob on mine

07-10-12, 02:20 AM
I have a V2 (2009) shift knob in my 2007. You much reuse the V1 boot and bezel, and the V2 knob fits right in.

07-10-12, 12:31 PM
There are no threads on the V1 shifter, UUC shifter or Katech shifter...
The V2 (09+) shift knobs will fit right on the V1 (04-07) shifter. As mentioned before you need to remove the V2 knob from the boot by heating it (I used a heat gun on low setting) until there was enough play to pull it out. Then repeat the process with the stock V1 knob and boot to remove it. Follow up by popping the V2 knob into the V1 boot and replace. The hardest part is probably removing the knob from the shifter...

There are a couple of threads with pictures in them just search for V2 shift knob

07-10-12, 11:04 PM
Go with a Redline Goods custom shift boot...

07-11-12, 01:10 PM
Go with a Redline Goods custom shift boot...

Agreed... I have one with stitching that matches the seats and it looks much nicer

07-11-12, 09:21 PM
I have no idea what I was reading about then.... I suppose I should shut up and watch when it comes to these shifters!:alchi: