: Changing cabin air filter STS 2005

07-09-12, 03:23 PM
I changed the cabin air filter to the new one with no active carbon and decided that
it allows for too much smell going into the cabin, so I cleaned the old charcoal one with
vacuum cleaner and put it back again. I have a question, is the filter suppose to go under the tabs
in the cabin filter housing, mine just sits touching the tabs with a top part, but I can't force it to go under the tabs. I forgot to take a photo how it was originally, I know that the airflow goes with an arrow pointing toward the cabin.

07-11-12, 01:03 AM
I have replaced mine twice now and both times it did not go under the tabs, so I am assuming that is just how it fits. BTW, I think this is probably one of the worst designs ever for a cabin filter (the air filter is just as bad!).

07-11-12, 07:48 AM
Thank you for your reply. I agree, peculiar setup for a cabin filter, in my Honda the filter sits horizontally behind the glove box and there is no doubt how it fits.
Maybe unhooking the hood would help, but I didn't now how to detach the hood arm and was afraid to break it.
Putting down back the carbon filter indeed helped with odors, I don't know what I was thinking buying not-active one, i guess the price.

07-24-12, 08:25 AM
How do you access the in cabin air filter????

07-24-12, 02:00 PM

02-24-15, 03:33 PM
I replaced my cabin filter recently. It also did not fit under the tabs, so I forced the tabs into the filter media until the filter sat pretty upright. I installed a MANN MC 1057. I will probably try a WIX the next time. Which filter did you use?