: 05 STS V8 Front end Clunking noise low speed

Kadillac Kreem
07-08-12, 07:16 PM
Hi guy's I posted here before about a clunking/clanking noise at low speed over rough patches in the front end suspension. Noise appears to be getting louder, I Have taken the car to TO HAAS they said everything appears to be fine, I than went to a certified GM dealer, they said they saw a bulletin online to rotate the front struts... So with that all said again, I managed to make a small video clip I will add the link here get some opinions on this miss.:bighead:


Kadillac Kreem
07-08-12, 07:17 PM
If that link does not work try this one please http://youtu.be/XRHWU8VvIbA

Kadillac Kreem
07-09-12, 01:05 PM
Well any thought guys, I am going to purchase some KYB gas mono tube struts fro the front and new front strut mounts. Any suggestions on the Struts/Mounts?

07-09-12, 09:53 PM
I'd fix the suspension parts & stay with OEM struts.