View Full Version : One wonders about dealer greed

07-07-12, 10:01 AM
Came across this tucked in the owners manual. Hard to believe the market value adjustment.

I wonder if this has been the norm with dealers...probably contributed to the demise of this car!

07-07-12, 12:03 PM
Car dealers/salesmen and life insurance reps are now, and have been for years been the most dishonest as far as dealing with the public period. Was this way 40 years ago, still is today.

Thank goodness there ARE some semi honest dealers....but they seem far and few between.

11-09-13, 02:57 PM
Free market, supply and demand.

The Corvette had this problem when the original ZR1s came out in the 90s and the C5 came out in 1997.

I still have a C4 Vette and every time I used to go to the dealer for warranty work they'd try to push me toward one of these $20K over sticker C5s. I just laughed and told them I don't even pay sticker price on a car, tthey assured me that someone would come along later to buy them. Seems a lot of people did as I remember a lot of heartburn for 97 Vette owners who didn't retain that $20K over sticker premium when they wanted to trade them in for newer models a few years later.

I can't fault them for trying (honestly) to get the most profit out of a vehicle, after all it all of us said, 'no' to the salesmen they wouldn't have these markups. I know I won't do it.